How to create a virtual DVD drive on your computer and mount a ISO image

In this tutorial i’m going to show how to create a “virtual DVD ROM” on your computer to mount any type of DVD or CD image that you have.. if you want to know how to create a DVD or CD image please check our old post. for this im using a free softwqare call wincdemu. but you can use Alternative softwares like alcohol, nero, DAEMON Tools

for this lesson i’m using a free software call wincdemu.. you can download it from internet for free, use the link to download wincdemu

ok lets see step by step

1. download the software using the wincdemu website and install..

2. open the software (A)

3. then select the ” let windows manage driver letters automatically ” to assign a driver letter automatically to your virtual driver , but i recommend you to select ” (A-1) always ask before mounting images ” option then press ok  (A-2)


4. after that go to the location that you ISO image saved, eg :” desktop/images/ “or ” c:/images ”


5. now right click on the ISO image that you want to mount on your virtual DVD drive


6. now you can just click on “Mount” then it will create a new diver with a driver letter automatically and mount your Dick image (B-1), Or you can click on ” Select driver letter and mount ” to select a driver letter to create a virtual driver and mount your ISO image.. then you can see your virtual driver in my computer


7. to remove the virtual diver, you can right click on the virtual diver and click ” Eject ”

Have A fun ……………..