How to change DNS Servers ( Network settings)

Hello friends……  Today i’m going to teach you to change DNS servers on your network connection… normally your internet connection use your internet provider’s DNS servers.. now i’m going to teach you to change them to public DNS for this lesson i’m using google DNS because it’s fast and safe.. sometimes this will help you to make your internet fast and make able to browse websites that your internet provider hase block from DNS….

let see step by step…..


1. first you have to open network and sharing center on your computer, you can find it on start menu (A-1 , A-2) or right click on network icon on task bar (B-3, B-4)

2. Click on the ” Change adapter settings ” on “network and sharing center ” window ( C-5). then you can see network connections on your computer (D)

3. Now right click on ethernet which activated (D-6), and go to properties.. (D-7)
4. then find the internet protocol version which you are using on ethernet properties window. some internet providers are using IPv6 but in my computer i’m using IPv4 (E-8).. select your internet protocol version and click properties  button (E-9)
5. then change “obtain DNS server address automatically” option  to “use the following DNS server address ” option (F-10) and type ” preferred DNS server” and “Alternative DNS server”.. (  and (F-11) and press ok….
Now your DNS servers are changed…….