convert video & audio files Using VLC Player

Today we are going to talk about video  and audio files converting ( eg: WMV to MP4, MP4 to MP3, FLV to MP4, MP4 to MPG, etc…), there are thousands of paid and free softwares on internet to convert videos and audios. but now we are going to talk about free software , VLC media player .. convert any video

lets see step by step….

If you don’t have VLC player installed in your computer first use following link to download and install VLC 

open VLC Player then go to media menu (A1)

Then click on Convert/Save (B1)

in open media dialog box, click on ADD (c1)

next select the source file that you want to convert in file browser and press open  button (D1)

Then clock on Convert / Save button to open Convert options

In Convert dialog box you can select output file format and video quality, Using profile dropdown list

Or you can Edit profile by clicking small setting icon (F1, G1,  H1, i1)

Then press the brows button and give a name for destination file (output file)

Final press Start button to process the conversion

Wait for progress bar..

Have A Fun……

If you want more details please follow the following video…  it will help you to learn this process step by step….