Browse websites through a proxy firefox (Hide IP Address)

In this lesson i’m going to teach Firefox users to brows internet through a proxy.
you can access blocked website or you can hide your IP using a proxy. this lesson is only for educational purposes. just use this Technic for  good things..
and also try to use trusted proxy server..

lets see step by step how to setup Firefox for proxy

1. first you have to find a working proxy server. or you can buy a proxy address.. today im going to use a free public proxy

2. go to google and search for free proxy list  (A)

3. then pik a website, there are some famous websites who provide free public proxy lists, eg:
4. then pick a proxy address and a port (B-1) now im using : 3128 , is the ip address and 3128 is the port
5. now open Firefox and go to menu ( C-2  ) > option button  (C-3)
6. In options page click on the advanced (D-4) tab then click on the network tab (D-5) then click on the settings button (D-6)
 7. in connection settings window choose the option manual proxy configuration (E-7), then type the proxy address and port in the boxes (E-8) , then tick the ” use this proxy server for all protocols ”
(E-9)option and press OK  (E-10)
if the proxy server is not working try again with another proxy address and a port… because there are some problems with public free proxies you have to try 2-3 times to find a working proxy server 
after you done your experiment you must go back tho the connection settings choose the option “no proxy ” (E-11) and press ok
Have a fun….