5 Tips to optimize windows 7/8/10

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Tip #1 – performance troubleshooter/system maintenance

Let the windows find fix automatically performance issues, and fix them. use the Performance troubleshooter which can automatically fix performance issues.

go to control panel > then find system and security under system and security you will find the Troubleshooting in windows 7 and system maintenance in windows 8

Tip #2 – Uninstall / Delete all useless software

normally there are many useless programs installed on new computers, you will never use most of them. computer shops and computer manufactures install some free software and some trial versions of software on a new computer, they hope you will try them and you will pay for the full version. if you do not want them it’s useless the keep then the software on you your hard disk it might slow down your computer by using the memory, hard disk space, and processing power.

if there is any software on your computer that useless for you, it is a good idea to uninstall them. remove all software that manufacturers installed and installed yourself but you don’t use them anymore.

go to control panel > click on add or remove programs/programs and features >right click on the program that you do not use and uninstall

Tip #3 – Keep Up To Date

Microsoft frequently releases updates for windows to fix common bugs and errors most of the are security updates, and some of them come with new features most computers update windows automatically which is the recommended setting and you also have the option to update manually

control panel > windows update

Tip #4 – Disable visual effects

by default Windows 7/8 & 10 have designed with heavy special effects and unnecessary features like fade in fade out,  translucency, and animations. you can turn off Windows visual effects to speed up your experience

Advanced system settings > Settings for Performance

Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible) or adjective for best performance

Tip #5 – Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a windows inbuilt utility, it will help you to increase your disk space on the hard drive it can also fix low disk space issues. Disk cleanup safely removes your cash files without touching your personal files. you can also perform this test using third party software Like